Picture Post – May 29, 2013

A few recent photos – most from my recent trip to Myrtle Beach:

Blue Jay 1A little blue jay seen in CB Smith Park – just about to discover the small piece of litter was not very appetizing.  I had to use extreme zoom to capture photo.

Myrtle Beach 60View of High Rise we stayed in from the beach.

Myrtle Beach 02View of Atlantic and beach from our 10th floor condo balcony.

Myrtle Beach 64View from beach by our high rise, early in the morning – looking south towards Myrtle Beach downtown.  It’s over two miles to first building in view.  I walked to that building and back twice when the tide was out.

Myrtle Beach 63Photo taken from same spot using zoom.  Tide was moving in.

Myrtle Beach 29Ladybug on balcony railing – 10 floors up!

Myrtle Beach 70Concession offering goodies and boat rides – well equipped with life preservers hanging on racks for customers. (Click to enlarge – much clearer if clicked twice)

Myrtle Beach 66One of the rental boats.

Myrtle Beach 04One of our pools seen from the balcony early in AM.

Myrtle Beach 19Shells on the beach.

Myrtle Beach 13Our other pool seen from our balcony.

Myrtle Beach 56Someone spilled food intended for the fish and this duck had a private feast.

Myrtle Beach 67Jellyfish stranded on the beach by retreating tide.


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