Picture Post – June 5, 2013

It’s been raining every day for two weeks!  Thus, I’ve been spending more time in the house reading and staying dry.  But I’ve still gotten out of the house a few times and taken some photos.

AngelAt the cemetery Saturday visiting  my Mother’s grave – a rusting angel fastened to a fence.

Torn FlagA torn fading flag seen behind the same fence.

New FamilyA new family on parade – taken today through my car window on passenger side.

GeeseGeese in the park.

Strawberries02Close-up of strawberries I bought today – 1 lb. cartons on sale at Winn-Dixie Supermarket- buy one get one free.

RainTrash pickup day – driveway flooded.  Most mornings lately when I go out to get the newspapers the sky is gray and it is pouring or sprinkling.  But it surprises me every time I go out the door when it is like this.  Through the window it looks cold and dreary outside, although my mind knows that is not so.  Yet, when I open the door  the steamy heat and humidity shocks me.

Myrtle Beach 51Colorful tourest-y stuff at shop in Myrtle Beach.



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