A Few Pics and Milestones!

Woot!  Woot! – – A milestone!  I’ve had my own YouTube Channel for three years, in which time I’ve uploaded 50 videos, several of which I’ve included in this Blog.  Sunday, when I logged into my channel I saw that the accumulated total views of my videos hit 40,001!!!   😀

Now, I realize that there are YouTube videos that go viral with over a million views.  But, still, to me having over 40,000 views is amazing.  My most viewed video is of a Tr-Rail commuter train arriving at the Hollywood Station.  As of Sunday it had been viewed 6,994 times.  Today it hit 7,001 – another exciting milestone!  Eleven videos have been viewed over a thousand times.

Here are a few photos I took in the past week:

Burrowing Owl 01I took this close up of a burrowing owl in the park last Friday.  It didn’t appear to be very pleased to be photographed!  Click to enlarge and note the bird’s very hairy legs!

Birds on Street Sign 1Two noisy little birds on street sign near my house.

Visitor 4This baby iguana was climbing on the windows of my front room yesterday.

Wild FlowerWild flower (weed)


Last week I became 74 1/2!   😥   – another milestone, not nearly so welcome! Heehee… the idea of a half year birthday never occurred to me until on one June day after my 50th birthday it suddenly hit me – OMG!  I’m half way to the next number!!  Every June since then this comes to mind.

To celebrate (?)  the occasion I headed to Brian Piccolo Park in shorts, sneaks and tee-shirt with a basketball – to prove to myself that I can still run around and jump up and down. ….. Ta Da!

Piccolo13-17Taking a hook shot.

Piccolo13-19Jump shot.  Wow – – actually defying gravity!  Not quite as high as Dwayne Wade or LeBron James – but neither one of them is yet 74 ……. and a half!

Piccolo13-08Taking it to the hoop!


I got bored after shooting around for 20 minutes and decided to take my brisk walk through the park.  After about 50 minutes I noticed a monster sized black cloud rapidly approaching.  Since I was at least 300 yards from the nearest cover I picked up my pace.  In moments there was drip….drip….drip – then drip..drip..drip – then drip.drip.drip – then I hit a wall of water.

I took off in a full-out sprint – surely threatening the Olympic record for the 200 meter dash – but it was to little avail.  In no time I was thoroughly drenched – it no longer made any difference how fast I went.  So I slowed down to a trot until I arrived under the canopy in front of the Velodrome entrance.

Fifteen minutes later it was all over and the sun returned.  So, even though thoroughly soaked, I resumed my walk – and by the time I finished my four miles I was almost completely dry.


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