Picture Post – July 16, 2013 (Plus a Video)

A few  recent photos:

CactusUnappetizing looking fruit of a neighbor’s huge cactus.

Limo03How’dya like to parallel park this baby?

Limo02A closer view.  Years ago a young lady in my office took annual leave early in the afternoon and spent two hours in the ladies room putting on her face and changing for her date with her very wealthy beau (twice her age!).  He picked her up in front of the Federal Building in a limo.  The next morning one of the guys in the office mentioned that he had seen her getting into the limo.  He said the car was so long that it got half way around the corner before the back end started to move.  😕

FlowerI suppose this qualifies as a flower.

White FlowerA more proper looking flower.

ConventionI often see large gatherings of adult ducks on my evening walks.  It almost makes me think they gather together to discuss their day.

ChameleonA little lizard on the outside wall of my house.

Flower2Another odd looking tropical flower.


Here’s a video I made on my trip to Rochester last year – the last 11 minutes heading north in the mountains of Pennsylvania on US Route 15, finally crossing into the greatest most wonderfullest state in the United States of America – – –        — New York, of course!  😉  Prior to this video I had been going steadily downhill for more than two hours.

[WordPress displays videos at a low resolution if you just click on the arrow to play.  You can select higher resolutions by clicking on the little gear Icon at the bottom – or click on YouTube to watch the video from by YouTube channel.]


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