Old Time Autos – A Picture Post

Among a lot of old magazines I have squirreled away in the garage are quite a few old Life magazines dating back from the late 1930s up through the early 1960’s.

Every once in a while I go into the garage and leaf through my aging archives – after all, what sense is it to accumulate junk if one doesn’t occasionally look at the stuff?  For the past week I’ve been going through two or three a day

This morning it was the Life magazine dated November 17, 1958 – one of the newer ones.  While looking at the ads for the new 1959 automobiles I got to thinking that our idea of what automobiles “should” look like gets imprinted in our brains around the age when we first become interested in them – obviously in our teens.  At least that is true for me.  Frankly, to me the automobiles of today just look “wrong” – every bit as “wrong” as the vehicles of the 1930’s and before seemed to me when I was a teen.  In November 1958 I had less than a month of my teens left – the big 20 looming close.

Just for fun I took some photos of those ads and present them here as exhibits of what automobiles “should” look:

59 BuickBuick

59 ChryslerChrysler

59 De SotoDe Soto

59 EdselThe Infamous Edsel – Ain’t she a beaut?  😀

59 FordsA few Fords

59 OldsmobileOldsmobile

59 PlymouthA Plymouth Wagon

59 Studebaker LarkStudebaker


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