Yellow Leaves

Saturday morning when I went out to get the morning newspapers from my lawn I sensed a lot of yellow in my peripheral vision.  A quick glance in that direction, towards my yellow hibiscus bush revealed many beautiful yellow hibiscus blossoms and many more leaves of matching color!  😯

“Holy sh*t!”  I thought.  Friday all the leaves had been green.  With some trepidation I peaked around the corner of the house at my other three hibiscus bushes.   Yeah, they were in the same state, although not nearly as bad as the yellow blossom bush – not a happy development – and before breakfast, already!

Later in the morning I did some Google-ing to see if I could find out what could have caused the yellowing leaves and what I could do about it.  I actually learned a lot – good stuff as well as bad.

I learned that hibiscus are known for just such overnight transformations.  I also learned that hibiscus are very delicate and require a lot of care.  If I had known that I never would have bought and planted them.  I didn’t get them to care for.  I got them to look at!   😕

I learned that there are four possible conditions that cause a hibiscus to throw such a hissy fit.  I considered each and made my diagnosis.

First – bugs!  I rejected this.  I had such a problem earlier and cured it easily with soapy water.  Each of the bushes had been happily producing beautiful blossoms for a long time – right up through Friday.

Second – poor soil, needing fertilizer.  I was sure that was not the cause.  The plants had been doing fine – healthy blossoms and rich green leaves and rapid growth.

Third – not enough sun.  I rejected this also.  Even though this is our rainy season whenever it isn’t raining or it’s not night the Sun is blazing,  The bushes are located in areas with ample exposure.

Finally – rain, too much or too little.  Too little was definitely not the problem!  This month we have had over 14 inches of rain.  The average July is 7 1/2 inches. I have decided that is likely the problem.

What can I do about that?  Nuttin!  I can’t make Mother Nature turn off the spigot.  But, doing nothing is what I have decided to do.  Since Saturday morning we’ve had only sporadic rainfall and lots of sun.  As of today, all the yellow leaves have dropped and the bushes all look normal; they’re even producing blossoms.

So I will keep my fingers crossed.  But if the problem returns I know four hibiscus bushes that will find themselves at  the curb on trash collection day!  As I said, I don’t want to care for them. I just want to look at them.


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