Clap for Me!

I admit that I have very little mechanical aptitude, and I generally avoid DIY projects.  I like to joke that my took kit consists of the telephone book yellow pages and a credit card.  Thankfully, I have other talents!  But there are limits to this self-abasement – I do have some pride after all!

Last week I was driving and when preparing to make a right turn my right-turn signal clicker sounded like it was on amphetamines, which I knew indicated a malfunction.  When I reached my destination I kept the motor running, set the right-turn signal, and went behind the car – where I found that the turn light was not working.  I went back and did the same for the left-turn signal and discovered that it was operating normally.

Aha!  Even I recognize a blown light bulb!  😀  (Hard to believe, but with all the cars I’ve owned over all those many years I had never had a light bulb blow!)

Well, here was something that hit my limit.  I do have some pride!  T’ain’t no way I am going to go to a garage or dealership service department and ask them to change a light bulb!  I don’t think I could handle the look I would get!

Besides, what could be so difficult about changing a light bulb?  I assumed all I would have to do was to buy a replacement bulb at an auto parts store, unscrew the tail light lens and replace the bulb.  But when I looked closely I realized that there were no screws on the outside to loosen the lens – I was going to have to go in from behind the light assembly in the trunk (boot).  🙄

I verified that in the car’s owner’s manual.  I had to remove a “thingy” that held the trunk carpet against the side wall; carefully peel back the carpet to reveal the back of the tail light assembly; remove the four screws which held the assembly in; pull the tail light assembly away from the car far enough to remove the blown bulb from behind; snap the new bulb in; then reverse the process.  And … wonder of wonders … the turn signal now works!!!

Now, I know that to the average person who has been blessed with a modicum of mechanical aptitude this little exercise is child’s play.  But to me it’s like nuclear physics – so c’mon – – CLAP FOR ME!   😀

One thing I don’t understand, though. Bulbs  Why did I have to buy two bulbs when only one was needed and that was the very first such bulb that has blown in any of my cars in about a half-century?

Oh well, assuming the same bulb is used in whatever auto I own when next one blows, I will be prepared – – probably somewhere near 2060!   😕  That is if I can find it and I am still around to look – the latter, of course, most unlikely.


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  1. Dave

    Being a car mechanic of many years I could make a long reply here, but that would bore people. I think your many years of not changing a bulb may have had a lot of luck and lottery winning statistics involved- lol. Stay tuned as you may need that other bulb……..[clapping in processs]

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