Picture Post – August 26, 2013

A few recent pix – sorta blah – the weather has prevented me from getting out much.

Advert SignI took this through my driver’s side window while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.  A person has got to be really desperate for a few dollars to get into such a full body suit and stand for hours in 90°F plus temperatures and close to 100% humidity.

Lake at PinesQuite often in my walks I pass by this little lake.  On my way back home I pass the lake from the other side – next photo is looking back to this point.

Lake from Johnson

Odd CloudsOdd looking clouds.

GeeseI shared a path in a nearby park with this lovely couple.

Overgrown Owl BurrowI am disappointed with the fair city of Pembroke Pines.  A few months ago I came upon these burrowing owls who had just set up housekeeping in a field next to a very busy highway – I posted a photo of them at their new burrow.  At the time there were three, but I’ve seen only two for the past few weeks.  Anyway, instead of the city roping off the burrow and erecting a sign indicating that the owls are a protected species they just have the lawn mowed around the burrow.  As you can see the area around the burrow has become overgrown with weeds.

St MaxChurch near my house.



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2 responses to “Picture Post – August 26, 2013

  1. Dave

    Not Blah. I always get something out of them. I guess the owls aren’t very aggressive?

    • Ed

      I suppose they can be with their prey but with people – not so much. They will squawk at me when I approach to take a photo, about ten feet away, but if I try to get closer they will either fly away or retreat into their burrows.

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