‘Nother Picture Post – August 30, 2013

The weather has been unusually nice the past few days so I was out and about with my camera more.

Blossoming PalmsI took an early evening walk to Brian Piccolo Park which is just about two miles from my house.  When I walk there I roam about in the park to ensure that I make a total of at least five miles.  It was a weird weather night.  In the West the Sun was starting to set, extremely bright, and casting a yellow glow on everything.  At the same time storm clouds were rushing in from the East, which form the background of this photo.  There was a ‘calm before the storm’ feeling in the air, which felt so heavy, and sounds were muffled.  All this combined was sort of eerie.  The blossoms or berries on these palms by the Velodrome were so lit up by the setting Sun that they looked like they were lit light bulbs – not sure the photo really captures that.

Water SlideI took this photo today while walking in C.B. Smith Park.  They’re doing major renovations to its water park, which is a major attraction all year.  This is a view of their new water slide under construction, which I took from a picnic area next to a small lake.


The following photos I took at our large shopping mall.  I went there in mid-afternoon when it is almost deserted this time of the year, when all the ‘monsters’ are back in school, the rugrats taking their afternoon naps at home or pre-school, and all the ‘snowbird’ tourists back in their Northern climes.  However, even at this time of year, the mall will be quite busy in the evening.

Mall Lagoon03This is in the food court, looking out towards a small artificial lagoon just outdoors, hiding the parking area.

Mall Lagoon01Tables outside by the lagoon.  Not much use of the tables in the mid-day heat.

Mall Lagoon02

Mall-GazeboA Renaissance gazebo imported from Italy located in the center of the mall – which is a pretty large one with six large department stores and many, many smaller shops and kiosks.

Mall-RoofCeiling above the gazebo.

Mall-FountainBase of the gazebo.

Mall-LandscapingSome of the landscaping around the mall.  I watched this little lake being dug out almost twenty years ago.


GrassesThis is in C.B. Smith Park – can’t rightly say what these are – some kind of grass, I guess.

Whew – I don’t have to change the date in the title above.  It is 11:57 P.M. as I type this – and will click on ‘Publish’ before midnight!


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