Oh No! Oh No!

My six foxtail palm trees that I had planted last year had not been looking too chipper this summer.  They would push out fresh new fronds as their lowermost fronds died and fell off as they were supposed to, but several of their middle fronds would start to turn brown and curl up – making them much less attractive.

I was concerned that they may be diseased or that they needed nutrients, so I asked my lawn service company to look at them and tell me what, if anything could be done to return them to health.  I had also decided to commit to the company’s tree and shrub service to Foxtail Palm ensure that all my trees and shrubs remain healthy and attractive.

On Wednesday, the 28th, a tree and shrub specialist came out and examined my palms.  He said that the problem was caused by all the rain we’ve had this summer.  He said that the foxtail palm is not native to Florida – that it was imported from Australia and is suited for a much drier climate.  He suggested that I build up the mound of stones I have surrounding the palms which should  slow the absorption of water to the roots and also spread some of the rainfall further out away from the roots.  Also, the trees would begin to look better as we head into the dry season.

I signed up for the tree and shrub service, and the specialist applied the regular late summer application to both trees and shrubs – Urea Nitrogen, Slow Release Nitrogen, Potash, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese.  The next service will occur in four months.  It may be my imagination, but by Saturday morning I thought the palms actually were looking better.

A little after noon on Saturday, when I returned home after doing some errands, I found a folder hanging on the front door doorknob containing a notice that tree and shrub service had been performed while I was away.  Twenty-five pounds of Urea Nitrogen, Slow Release Nitrogen, Potash, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese had been applied to my trees and shrubs!   😯

OMG!  OMG!  The regular late summer application had been applied twice within a period of three days!  Yikes!  Last year my next door neighbor used a little too much fertilizer on his front lawn.  It was not a pretty sight!

I immediately called the company to express my concern.  But it was Saturday and the person handling the phones could find only the record of the Saturday service and had nothing about Wednesday service.  I’m going to have to wait until Monday when they can talk with the guy that was here on Wednesday.

I’m worried that all my trees and shrubs are going to curl up and die.   😥

I’ll know more on Monday what to expect.  I’m surely not going to pay for two services – and I will definitely expect the company to replace any of the trees or shrubs if they are harmed.



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2 responses to “Oh No! Oh No!

  1. Dave

    What about the lake? I thought all that stuff wasnt alowed to go in there

    • Ed

      The lawn service company told me that they are prohibited from putting chemicals inside of two feet of the shoreline. I’m not sure that really prevents seepage or runoff into the lake. However, there are many of these small lakes and canals, all connected, and the lawn service companies do a great business, and many residents also apply chemicals. Maybe whatever gets into the water ends up in the Atlantic Ocean and it gets diluted enough not to do much harm. I do get some weeds right near the shoreline so I know the rules are being obeyed.

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