Marching Bands! – Yay!

I went to local high school football games the past two Fridays – and naturally videoed the halftime marching band shows.

August 30th I was at Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines.  Flanagan is the largest high school in the city.  Their marching band has traditionally been excellent, winners of many awards and competitions.  They have a terrific sound and put on elaborate shows, but I think there are too many non musicians on the field waving flags and tossing rifles while the band is playing.  I find it very distracting.

September 6th I went to McArthur High School in Hollywood where Hollywood Hills High School plays all their home games.  I believe Hollywood Hills’ band is one of the best in the area musically.  However, it was obvious that they had not done nearly as much preparation for their first show as the Flanagan band had.  They also hadn’t yet been issued their uniforms – they were wearing only common T-shirts and dark trousers.  If you watch this video I think you will agree that they need more practice marching and less shaking their bootie!   😉


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