Picture Post – Sept. 13, 2013

Recent pics:

Baby Toilet Bowl Brushes MaybeCould this be where toilet bowl brushes come from?  😉

LeavesNice colors!

Owls NestThe mowers finally took a WeedWhacker to the burrowing owls’ nest!

Water Slide UpdateThe new Water Slide in CB Smith Park is nearing completion.  You can see workmen adding another extension in the upper left.

PP Charter FB Field PanoramaI went to another High School football game last night.  This is a panorama I made of Pembroke Pines Charter High School’s brand new football stadium – kinda neat artificial turf field.  You have to click on the photo to enlarge, then scroll.  Clicking twice makes photo even larger.  Photo was taken more than a half hour before game time – thus hardly anyone there besides me and some folks from the visiting school in the stands across the field.  Hee hee … When Photoshop knitted the six individual shots together it sorta chopped the lady on the left in half!  🙄  The school’s marching band can be seen arriving at the lower left.


The final photo needs an introduction.

I subscribe to an RSS feed from the BBC News web site.  Every day I get an Email containing links to about 60 news items – some articles, some videos and some photo galleries.  The links contain one-sentence descriptions of the content. In an average day I click on 10 to 15 of them.

Each week the BBC solicits site readers to submit personal photographs relating to a specific theme.  Then they select a number of the submissions that they consider well done and appropriate to the theme.  The current theme, with a deadline for submission of September 17 is “Numbers.

Last night, just before the game, the visiting team from Belen Jesuit High School in Miami was gathered together by an End Zone in preparation for running en masse onto the field to their sideline when introduced.  And it suddenly occurred to me – Wow, there’s a lot of numbers!!  😀

So, here is the photo I took, which I will submit to the BBC site.  I really don’t expect it to be among the selections – the ones they pick are always much more professional looking than I have ever achieved – but I figure: “What the Hey!  Why not?”  The photo certainly contains lots of numbers!!  😕  Again, photo looks much better enlarged.

Belen Jesuit HS Football Team


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