Picture Post – Sept. 28, 2013

Life lately is such a bore – nothing to write about.  But I take photos all the time. I thought that since I last posted two weeks ago it would be a good idea to announce that I am still breathing.

My entry in the BBC News weekly theme photo contest sadly did not make the cut.  😥   The ones selected were very good.  However four of the twelve shown on the site didn’t appear to me to meet the theme of ‘numbers’.  At least mine had lots of those!!  😆

Antique CarSomebody in the neighborhood is an Antique car buff.  Wish I knew enough about cars to know what this is.  Sure is a beaut!  I’m sure it will be worth a lot when it’s restored.

Owl Burrow ProtectionApparently the burrowing owls I’ve photographed recently couldn’t afford the upscale Brian Piccolo County Park neighborhood, where fancy screened protective enclosures and lovely green perches are provided by the management!  The tenants were not present when I took the photo.

Sky at DuskImpressive sky at dusk viewed from my back yard.

BandA few of the Cooper City High School Marching Band prior to playing the National Anthem at the football game I attended last night.  Minutes before I took this shot a lady joined her husband right next to me.  Their daughter is in the band – and the lady told her husband that when the band was forming to march to the stadium they had a uniform inspection – and their daughter had been caught with her hat on backwards!  She had been chewed out and was all in tears.  Life can get pretty sucky sometimes!

End RunNot enough light for the setting of my camera when I took this.  However, the blurring of the runner making an end run and his two blockers ahead certainly conveys motion.  😉

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  1. naturgesetz

    Very impressive sunset!

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