High School Football Videos

I mentioned in the last post that I had attended a high School football game Friday night.  Mother Nature had finally turned off the rain spigot and gave us a beautiful evening.

The game was played at nearby Cooper City High School.  The visiting team was from Lexington, South Carolina, a suburb of Columbia, the state capital. It was a terrific game with lots of scoring.  Lexington High School won 41 – 34, much to the disappointment of the home folks.  But Cooper City had the ball in the final minute of the game with a chance to tie the score, so it was exciting to the end.  I took my video camera and was able to record a few good plays as well as the halftime show.

This one play I captured rarely occurs.  If you are a ball carrier, either in a running play, after catching catching a pass, or running back a kick, the first rule is: Protect the Ball!  Rule number two is: Protect the Ball.  Rule three is …. Well you get the idea!  😆

If you drop the ball it’s a free ball; the same if a defender knocks it out of your grip.  If you fumble it before your knee touches the ground while being tackled, it’s a free ball.  Thus, when a defender approaches you had better clutch the ball tightly and bring it in against your body.

In this play, the Lexington receiver makes a nice running catch of a long pass and takes off down the field dogged closely by a Cooper City defender.  While both are running at full speed  Cooper City player is both trying to tackle the runner, while simultaneously grabbing for the ball, which was not being well protected in obvious violation of Rules 1,2,3..etc.  The ball ends up in the defender’s hands, much to the joy of the home team.

Here’s a short scoring drive by the Lexington Wildcats in the 1st quarter.  The public address guy misidentified the scorer as Number 6.  I was actually Number 3. There were quite a few people from South Carolina sitting in the opposite visiting stands.

This is the Cooper City Cowboys’ first scoring drive, which was not quite so smoothly done — but the result is the same.

And finally – – Yea! – the fine Cooper City High School Marching Band halftime show!!!!


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