Picture Post – Oct. 9, 2013

I had a few visitors in my back yard this morning.  I went out back with my camera and they completely ignored me as I took their pictures.

Iguana05The adult Iguana is about the ugliest  creature I’ve ever seen – and they are so cute when young.

Ibis01I almost think Ibises purposely pose for photos.

Ibises03You can tell by the color of the water reflecting the sky that very soon we would have a deluge!  We did!

Back YardI don’t know why I took this photo – seemed like a good idea at the time.  But when I saw it full-screen on my PC monitor I noticed that my neighbor’s rowboat under the deck either has a leak or it has been accumulating rain water.  It’s almost full.

Rain CloudsThe other day I started out on my walk – got as far as the corner of the street, looked ahead, and headed back to the house.

Road ReversalHeehee… Sometimes I get strange thoughts!  While jogging across the street in front of Brian Piccolo Park during a break in the traffic I stopped in the median and took this photo.  When I cropped the photo with Photoshop I got the crazy brilliant idea that if I flipped it horizontally it would look like I was in England or Australia with people driving on the wrong left side of the road.  Very disorienting!!  😕


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