Pictures and Video Post – October 22, 2013

Again, it has been awhile since the last post – still not much exciting ’round these parts – but I have been out and about with my camera.

Presidential Circle1Office Building at Presidential Circle in Hollywood.  Building is located on one of the many traffic circles (roundabouts) in Hollywood.  The city designer had spent time in England and had become enamored with roundabouts.  About a half century ago a military high school was located in the circle.

Presidential Circle2

Close-up of giant American Flag located in the center atrium of the building.

RoundaboutHeehee…..  😉  We have roundabouts in Pembroke Pines also!

LitterDisgusting litter in a tree and shrub hidden spot about two meters (12 ft.) below the Florida Turnpike in Hollywood.  I took this photo by sticking my camera into a small opening in the shrubs hiding the lower level.

Meat ThermometerI replaced my ruined instant meat thermometer – same brand but much cheaper price. This time I will be sure to pay attention to the warning at lower left.

Practice XP2Pregame extra point practice at recent football game.

Pembroke Pines 9-11 Memorial9-11 Memorial at City Center – Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines Veterans MemorialPembroke Pines Veterans Memorial, also at almost empty City Center.  The only commercial development to date can be seen in the distance at the right – new condos.

Super PickleSUPER PICKLE!!  A gift from ladies in my office many years ago.

Halloween-hHalloween decorations at a house nearby.

OvenMy next-door neighbor’s outdoor terra cotta oven.

———-  ———  ———-  ———-  ———-  ———  ———-  ———-

I have been attending football games (Pro, College and High School) since the 1950s, and until last Friday night I had never sat on the Visitors side of the field.  I was a bit bored by the one sided game, so I strolled around to the other side which was almost empty.  Here, the home team (MacArthur High) scores on a hand off to the running back (No. 4) who goes untouched around the left end.  I sort of felt left out with all the celebrating going on at the Home side.  The few visiting team fans were not amused.  The score was 21 – 0 in the 2nd quarter.  The visitors (Everglades High) did get the score to 21- 13, but eventually lost 28 – 13.

Incidentally, I’ve decided that in my next life I am going to be a drummer – it looks like so much fun!   😉


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