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**** A milestone!!!  Tonight I passed 1,900 miles (3,058 kilometers) on my walking program.  That’s over 3,560,000 steps!

I’ve actually cut back some in the program this year.  Previously I tried to walk on at least 50% of days and to average 5 miles a day.  I didn’t quite hit those goals, but I was very close.  This year my goals have been more modest – 40% of days and an average of 4 miles a day.  The weather makes it so difficult to meet 50%, especially in Summer when it rains almost daily.  Five miles is no problem for me, but it takes so much time, about 85 minutes – and walking is so very boring!  Four miles takes only about 70 minutes, and it is still a good workout.  Even so, I have gone over 5 miles 19 times so far this year.

**** In August, when I had my eyes examined and got new specs, the eye doctor suggested that I use lubrication drops  because my eyes were quite dry.  She recommended that I use Systane Ultra – one drop in Systane each eye mornings and evenings.

So I’ve been using Systane ever since – and my eyes feel much better.

Yesterday, I looked at the tiny bottle and it suddenly hit me that this stuff is very expensive – only about $6.70, but it’s just 1/3 of an ounce (10 ml.)!  I got my little calculator out and determined what a gallon (US) of this stuff would go for.

Would you believe $2,572.80 ?!?  – a bit more expensive than gasoline!  😉

Then I calculated how long it would take me to use a full gallon at the rate of 4 drops a day.  Since the 1/3 ounce bottle will last me three months, a gallon would last 96 years!.  That’s assuming there would be no evaporation and the stuff wouldn’t go bad.

**** A few photos:

Parking Lot at SunsetI really like this dumb photo which I took in the parking area of our major shopping mall.  Somehow I was able to capture the actual colors of a beautiful sunset.

Relaxing-3I couldn’t resist taking this shot – from quite far away, of course.

SunsetAnother wild sunset – taken during my walk.

Weather ComingI tried cropping this photo but none of my crops improved on the original – so I left it so.  I like how the approaching storm affected the colors.

StreetA street on one of the routes I often take on my walks.

City Hall at SunsetI liked the reflection of the setting Sun on the windows of our City Hall.  The sky was unusual also.


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