Going for a Ride

I think the technical term is “stir-crazy”.  I guess I’d been spending too much time indoors lately, and last Friday I just had to get out of the house or I was going to go looney tunes.

So I hopped in my car, stuck my mono-pod to the windshield, attached my camcorder to it and took off with no real idea where to.  That’s something I rarely do.  I usually don’t get in my car without a destination in mind.  This ride was going to be navigated purely by whim.

Here’s my route – from my home (pointer at upper left); south to Miramar; east to the Ocean Highway on the barrier islands; south into Miami-Dade County; back west across the Intracoastal Highway; north to Hollywood and west back to the house.  Weird, I know.  On the map it looks a little like the shape of the state of Massachusetts. But, hey, I got out of the house for awhile!Friday DriveFor me, the most interesting parts of my ride to me was the town of Golden Beach, which on the map is located on the lower right, identified by pointers – and shown in the beginning portion of the video below.

Golden Beach is a very tiny town, about a mile long from north to south, and only four blocks wide – 0.3 square miles, or one square kilometer.  There are 282 houses in the town and a population 919 in the 2010 Census.  There is no commercial development in the town – and no high rise buildings.  Oh, and the residents of Golden Beach are very, very, very well off!  One person with property in the town is Bill Gates.  I found 32 properties listed for sale in a Google search.  The asking price for 30 of them exceeded a million dollars – six over ten million.  It really must gall the residents that they have to suffer folks such as me (The Great Unwashed) driving through their town on a State Highway!



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2 responses to “Going for a Ride

  1. CMM

    Nice. I used to drive through Golden Beach on my way to teach at FIU’s North Miami campus. The one industry they do have is ticketing speeders–so be careful.

  2. Ed

    Yeah, I found out about the speed trap reputation when I did some Googling on Golden Beach after I made the video. I have driven through the town for many years totally unaware that my normally ‘heavy foot’ could have put me jeopardy. I drive slower and stay further back from cars ahead of me when I make videos, to maximize the camera view – so obviously was safe this time. I will be careful in the future!

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