A “Selfie”

Last Tuesday the Oxford University Press’ dictionary declared ‘Selfie’ as the 2013 Word of the Year.  A Selfie is a self photograph usually taken on a cell phone or a tablet and uploaded to a social media site.

The next day, while walking in CB Smith Park, in recognition of the dictionary’s declaration, I became inspired to create my own Selfie for upload to my Blog.  So I took a short break at a picnic pavilion three miles into my walk, set my camera for a ten second delay, and took the photo below. It being quite warm out I was a bit sweaty.

At CB Smith 01a I am quite proud that I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape, considering that this old bod is but three weeks from its 75th birthday.  Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to drop ten or fifteen pounds but losing weight is difficult for me.  I swear my metabolism has slowed to almost zero.  I have to stay quite active just to avoid packing on more blubber.

Sadly, it is what exists above my shoulders that displays the ‘ravages of time’.   I say ‘sadly’ because I no longer recognize that face in photos or in the mirror.  When I look in the mirror each morning I want to shout:  “Who the Hell are you, and what have you done with ME?  I want ME back!”

It is bad enough that I had to discover years ago, after I had retired, that I had lost my identity.  I hadn’t even a clue before retiring how much I had defined myself in terms of the positions I held.  I was ‘the Chief of…’ or ‘the Director of…’, and the ME outside of my job was minor or insignificant in comparison.  It took a long time for me to build another persona within my head that I could respect.  And now that I am ‘somebody’ again inside my head, the face outside has disappeared, and been replaced by a stranger!   😥



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2 responses to “A “Selfie”

  1. Dave

    Age is a number and you’re definitely defying most of it’s elements. I’ve known too many people, not to ever, get the chance to find there identity, after the work force. All to many times, they did’nt live to see retirement day.

    • Ed

      Yeah, you’re right. I have been very fortunate – been retired for over 20 years and still going strong. II ‘ve known several that didn’t live to make it, and others that didn’t live long after retiring.

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