Picture Post – Dec. 1, 2013

Here are some photos I took last week.

Squirrel-01I walked again in CB Smith Park Friday.  As usual, after my walk I went to a picnic pavilion and did some reading.  I do that to dry up so that I’m not all sweaty when I get back into the car.  While I was reading I heard what I thought was the sound of of a large bird landing to my right on the picnic table where I was sitting.  But when I looked over I saw this little beggar giving me his cute “How about some goodies for me, buddy?” look.


After I explained to him that I didn’t have anything for him he gave me this obvious “Screw you, I’m outta here!” look, and immediately took off.

Been RainingIt had rained quite heavily earlier in the day.

LakeshoreA small lake in the park.

Flowers-02Flowers by the sidewalk outside an apartment complex I passed on a walk earlier in the week.

SpiderThis kind of Spider, a spiny backed orb weaver, has been spinning its webs under the eaves of my house on the western side for years.  They are so cute I can’t bear to kill them – as long as they stay outdoors, that is.  Any spiders I find indoors, whatever the kind, get summarily executed.  Although I don’t kill the orb weavers, I do break up their webs.  It gives the little fellers something to do.  Not nice, I know, but I don’t enjoy walking into one and having to get the sticky stuff off my face and out of my hair.     😉


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