Brilliant! – – ‘least I think so.

There are times, now and then, when I am in absolute awe of my brilliant mind!   Sadly, there are many more times when my denseness or complete ignorance appalls me.  But last Saturday was a day of the former.  Yay!  😀

I had what I first believed to be a minor problem in the bathroom of the master bedroom.  The plastic spring on the bar that holds the toilet tissue roll had, after what I assume to be 32 years of loyal and efficient service,  become worn to the extent that it could no longer push the ends strongly enough to keep the bar attached to the sides of the toilet tissue holder.  Thus, the holder could no longer hold.  Simple enough to solve, I thought.  I’ll just go to the hardware store and purchase a replacement bar.  So that’s what I did.  One look at the photo below and it will be apparent that there was a problem!

Toilet Paper Holder

The bar on the top is what needed replacement.  It is very odd looking – I’ve never seen another of this kind.  It is composed of two pieces which snap together, one of which with the plastic spring attached.  The bar is big enough around that the toilet paper roll will fit almost snugly.  The replacement bar is plastic also, and also is in two pieces – but the spring is metal and fits inside it. – as in every other one of its type I’ve ever seen.  The problem is obvious.  The little thingies on the ends of the replacement – what they’re called escapes me at the moment – are larger, and won’t snap into the smaller holes in the holder.

Well, I was quite disturbed by this revolting development.  It seemed to me  that I was going to have to buy a whole new holder assembly; remove the old one and install the new.  As I’ve noted in this Blog several times – I am no do-it-yourselfer.  I have neither the aptitude nor the inclination for such projects.

But then – – I suddenly had a EUREKA! moment.  It occurred to me that since the old bar was hollow, all I had to do was separate the ends, insert the entire replacement bar, and snap the ends back together!  The metal spring in the replacement bar was strong enough to push the ends out and snap into the holder.  Ta – Da!  Brillaint!  😉


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