I Found My Beanie!

As the title says – I found my beanie!  I wasn’t really looking for it.

For the past few years I have been thinking about selling my house and buying a condo apartment in a in a high-rise, or at least a medium-rise.  I’d like one with a decent view – definitely with some water; even a small lake would do.  I’m just tired of the ‘joys’ of home ownership.  I dream about only having to pay a monthly management fee and let somebody else worry about the landscaping and maintenance.  I sort of like the idea of leaving for a few hours and not having to be concerned about someone smashing in a window or a glass patio door and ransacking my house while I’m away.  They would have to have a very tall ladder, one I’m sure would not be available at Lowe’s or Home Depot!

But, it seems that every time I would start to think seriously about making a move I would start thinking about actually moving – the whole agonizing, stressful process.  It is no fun.  Believe me – I know.  I am well acquainted with moving!  I would get palpitations just at the thought of going through it again!

I’ve moved from Rochester, New York – – to Miami, Florida — to Joppatown, Maryland (outside of Baltimore) — to Wheaton, Maryland (outside of Washington) — to Gaithersburg, Maryland (also outside of Washington) — to Cockeysville, Maryland (back near Baltimore) — to Towson, Maryland (also by Baltimore) — to Williamsville, New York (by Buffalo) — to Carmel, Indiana (near Indianapolis) — to Pembroke Pines, Florida (near Miami) — to Amherst, New York (again near Buffalo) — and finally, back to Pembroke Pines.

But what has all this to do about me finding my beanie, one might ask?  Be patient – I’m almost there.

Finally, a few weeks ago I decided that I’m going to ‘bite the bullet’.  Maybe I won’t make the actual move this coming year – but I am going to do it – and it is time to start getting ready.  These past two weeks I have been spending a few hours every day in the garage and going through my closets.  I’ve been tossing stuff out, setting stuff aside to donate to Goodwill, and boxing up other things.  So, by the time that I decide I’m ready, the process will be decidedly less painful.  The grunt work will have been done.

Yesterday, I found my University of Rochester freshman beanie in a box which probably hadn’t been opened in more than 30 years.  For a while there in my garage in December 2013 my mind was transported back to September 1956, and I relived with such vividness that agonizing period of my life.  I described that period in this Blog three years ago.  See:    https://emsolo.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/im-not-shy/

It’s amazing what powerful memories can spring from a small piece of fabric.  When I mentally returned to the present, I took the beanie to my bathroom sink and gently washed it in lukewarm water with a mild soap, rinsed it and pressed it in a towel until it was almost completely dry.  Then I took it back to the garage and took this photo of it on my washer.  I don’t know what to with it – at some point I guess I will probably will put it back in a fresh box with other stuff of no real value but I can’t get myself to part with, and the box will end up in a storage room – probably never to be opened again until after I have departed the scene.

Frosh Beanie



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2 responses to “I Found My Beanie!

  1. BB

    I’m of the opinion that moving can be great fun! Then again, as a recent college graduate trying to start my professional career, I no doubt have a different perspective.

    And what a find with the beanie. I was a college freshman in the fall of ’06 and can only imagine what it must have been like to be one in the fall of ’56. What an interesting few years that must have been.

    • Ed

      Yes, I agree – moving can be fun – new position, new city, new friends, new experiences etc.. It avoids getting into a rut, the same-old same old. The longest I stayed in one location was ten years, and even there I had two different positions. It is of course the process of relocating that is no fun – packing (ugh!), unpacking (even worse ugh!)selling a house, searching for and buying a new house, arranging for cut-offs and start ups of utilities, getting a new driver’s license, closing and opening of bank accounts, making change of address notifications, on and on. Just thinking about it as I was making this list was traumatic! I’m sure also that our freshman experiences, a half-century apart, were quite different. You’ve given me an idea for a future post.

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