December is a month of milestones for me.

Last week in my walking program I passed 4,000,000 steps!  Plus, over the coming weekend I will pass the 2,000 mile mark!  Woo Hoo!!!   😀

On this coming New Years Eve, at the stroke of mid-night, at the point that the ball finishes its descent at Times Square, I will be a non-smoker for exactly 25 years!!!  Yay!!!  😀

The other milestone is not quite so exciting.  On the 13th I hit the BIG 75!   😥   Well, I guess it beats the alternative – some consolation.  A niece sent me  one of those humorous cards, which actually are not so funny – rather cruel, I think – in which it was suggested that I try not to whimper all day.  Hmmmmph!  I don’t believe I actually whimpered more than an hour – or two!   😉

One thing I did do on my birthday was to go to Brian Piccolo Park to shoot some hoops.  I know – – I am weird – – I took my camcorder with me to document the fact that I am still capable of running and jumping even at this advanced age.  I am obsessive about staying in decent condition.  I figure If I run around and jump up and down a lot like a kid, then Father Time will think I am one, and will leave me be for a while.

Here are some frames I captured from the video.  Heehee… Check out that vertical jump – must be at least three inches off the ground!  The form on the Jump shot is definitely pretty good though – if I do say so myself.  I could stand to drop ten to fifteen pounds of blubber, I know.  But at this point in my life when my metabolism has dropped close to zero that is a difficult task.


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