Picture Post – January 6, 2014

Happy New Year, Y’all!

Here are a few photos – some new, some not so new.

WinterWinter is a’comin’!  It appears as if it will last for one day!  It is what is left of the major storm that hit the Northeast.  Brr…. I’ll have to turn on the heat Tuesday night for the first time this winter.  I took this photo off my TV Sunday.  I didn’t realize the Flash was on automatic – it sorta burned out Saturday.

Flowers (3)The original photo I took of these flowers was pretty awful, so I cropped just a small portion of it.  I read somewhere long ago that yellows and reds are the most important colors in advertizing photos.  They certainly capture my eyes.

Statue01A statue in the cemetery where my Mother is buried.   Not sure – – but I think it is supposed to be Socrates  — but I don’t know why he would be hanging out in a cemetery.

BudsI saw these buds just opening in the park the other day while on my walk.  Incidentally, I did reach the 2,000 mile milestone on my walk December 31st – 2,002.24, to be exact.

TreesSome trees in the same park – taken on same day.

The following is an original shot I took back in the Fall at a high school football game – the team captains meeting at midfield for the coin toss.  Unfortunately, the Sun was so bright and was so low on the horizon that it reflected harshly on my lens.  A few days ago I decided to play with the image in Photoshop – to see if I could reduce the effect of the glare and also crop it to place more emphasis on the subjects.  The second photo below is the very ‘bestest’  I could do with it!   😕


Captains Meet


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