Cardboard Thief in the Night

Someone (or someones) apparently has (or have) a thing for my discards.

Tuesday evening I put fairly full trash and recycling containers out next to the street for pickup on Wednesday morning.  The reason that the recycling container was almost full was because it had five or six old cardboard packing boxes folded up.  I had emptied the boxes which had been stored for some time in the garage, and after reviewing the contents, made my decisions on what to keep, what to discard and what to give to goodwill.  The keeper stuff I repacked in nice new boxes; the old boxes deposited in the recycling container.

Wednesday morning around 10:30 AM I heard what sounded like one of the pickup trucks out front.  I looked out the front window and saw that, indeed, the trash had been picked up; the container having been left at the edge of the road with the lid open.  So I went out to bring the container back into the garage.   I also checked the recycling container to see if it had also been emptied.  Normally, the truck picking up recycled materials comes around first.  I was surprised to find that most of the recycling materials were still in the container, but the boxes were gone!  😯

I can’t believe it!  Someone, most likely in the dead of night, had lifted the container lid, seen the boxes, and taken them.  Now, I don’t care about the boxes.  Everything I put out in the containers was a discard.  It certainly is no matter whether the boxes ended up at the recycling plant or they were going to be reused by a phantom thief.  I just don’t understand whatever would  possess a person to roam the streets at night peering into trash and/or recycling containers.

Some time ago I posted about someone in the dark of night adding enough of their trash to my trash container that the lid couldn’t be closed.    I wonder if it is the same person?   It is also quite possible that such deposits and withdrawals happen frequently and I have been unaware of it.  I rarely actually check the containers to see if they have been emptied.  Normally I either hear or see the pickups or it is obvious from the location of the containers that the pickups have been made.


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