Company Comin’

It’s been almost six years, but finally I am having visitors from up north.  I have been the one always  doing the travelling, so I am looking forward to being the host for a change.  I’ll be entertaining two nieces from the Buffalo area.  The temperature difference with Buffalo by mid-week will be over 70 degrees.  I’m sure they will enjoy their time away from the frozen tundra!

I expect to be quite busy for the next eight days, so it is unlikely that I’ll have time to make a post until my company departs.

Oh … Oh -Oh!  I’m so excited by a discovery in my garage this week!  See below what I found in a box of junk!   It has been among the missing for over a decade.

I’m always saying that when I get around to it I’m going to do something – and then putting it off.  Heehee ……… now that I’ve got again I’ll have to do stuff – unless I can think of another good reason not to.  😉

Round Tuit


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