Busy, Busy, Busy then Decompression – and Picture Post

I had a wonderful eight day visit from my two favorite nieces.  It was also busy, busy, busy.

Daily we went through my stuff (Some would call it clutter – I prefer the term ‘treasures’) accumulated over decades.  We made daily trips to the Goodwill Thrift store to donate thongs – each time with my car’s trunk and rear passenger space filled to capacity.  We also made three trips to a local senior center with boxes of books.  Other stuff was cataloged and boxed up; plus many things were tossed out.  We made such progress that there will not be a lot to do when I decide to put my house up for sale and start looking for a condo.

I have to admit that it was difficult to part with things, but I knew it was necessary and was prepared to do it.  Wherever I end up I will have less living space and even less storage space.

I don’t want to leave the impression that my house was messy and cluttered before.  Even though I had much too much stuff you wouldn’t have known it if you had come into my house and passed through all the rooms.  You actually would have thought the place was quite neat.  That is if you had not looked in the closets, dresser drawers, cupboards and the garage!!  Woo Hoo!  Now even those places are neat and uncluttered also.

The eight days were not all work.  We ate out most evenings, took in two movies and hit the beaches five times – three times to Hollywood Beach and two times to Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  And somehow I and one of the nieces managed to find the time to fit in walks each morning – accumulating a total distance of 25 miles.

When the ladies departed from Ft. Lauderdale Airport last Tuesday evening it was about 80°F.  They arrived in Buffalo less than three hours later greeted by a below o°F temperature and had to wait out in the bitter cold and howling winds for a tram to take them to the parking lot.  Brrr……

Since Tuesday I have been vegging out, so to speak.  It was a fun visit, yes,  but it was also physically and mentally exhausting, and I needed a few days to decompress..

On the Saturday and Sunday they were here Hollywood Beach held a festival called Canada Fest, intending to give Floridians exposure to Canadian culture.  The beach and broadwalk were mobbed with folk enjoying 80 degree weather, the sunshine and all the booths displaying Canadian and other crafts and information.  However, the crowd was predominately Canadian – almost all from Quebec.  I heard lots of French and very little English.  Hollywood becomes Quebec South during the winter tourist season.  I swear everyone over 65 in Quebec spends December through Easter in Hollywood near the beach.  Thus in Winter Hollywood Beach has an older person crowd.  The younger crowd can be found at Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

The first few photos below are screen shots taken from a video I made at Canada Fest.  Clicking on them will enlarge but they are of lesser quality than my still camera shots.

Canada Fest004On the Broadwalk just before the first Canada Fest booths.

Canada Fest005Beginning of the crowded area.

Canada Fest006Folks checking out the booths.

Canada Fest013Looking from the southern end.

Canada Fest020The beach was very crowded.

Canada Fest021Musicians from Quebec entertaining.

YummiesYummy refreshments available!  Deep fried double stuffed Oreos!!! – Really!?  Photo taken with still camera.

CranesCranes at construction site adjacent to the beach.  A huge resort called Margaritaville is rising.



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4 responses to “Busy, Busy, Busy then Decompression – and Picture Post

  1. Dave

    Damn. deep fried double stuffed oreo’s……Got to be some trans fat there 🙂
    Certainly not what the mature age group needs either

    • Ed

      To paraphrase Barry Goldwater at the 1964 GOP Convention – Extremism in satisfying gastronomical pleasure is not a vice! Ha Ha! Actually, I don’t like anything deep fried. Don’t even like French Fries. I once tried Fried Ice Cream. Hated it – and I am an ice cream addict. I’ll take my Oreos plain.

  2. naturgesetz

    Sounds like a great time.

    In summer, lots of Québecois go to Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

  3. Ed

    Yes, it was a great time.

    I hope my comments about the Quebécois didn’t come across negatively. I’m an old codger myself – and they are great for our economy, even if they are not big tippers. Hollywood Beach is a fun place in Winter.

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