Remember Me?

Lordy, it’s been a while since my last post, although I checked my archives and found it is not my longest break, so I feel better about it..

Been very busy with preparations for putting my house on the market.  There are now only a few minor things I want to get done before seeing a realtor.  But I plan to wait until I return from my trip to Myrtle Beach the first week in May.

This past Saturday I went to the Class 8 Regional high school basketball championship game at MacArthur High School in Hollywood.  Class 8 schools are the largest schools in the state.  Separate championship tournaments are held for each class.  The winner of the game will compete for the State Championship in a final-four tournament in Lakeland, Florida this weekend.  MacArthur High was competing in the regional championship game for the first time since Lyndon Johnson was President;  the visitors, South Miami High, had played in and lost the state championship game last year.

We were packed in like sardines on both sides of the court.  I got there early and the side I selected turned out to be the visitors’ side.  The other side had the home team fans.  It was an exciting and competitive game until the final few minutes.  My ears were ringing from the constant noise hours after the game was over – because everything that happened in the game elicited loud cheering from one side of the court or the other.  South Miami High finally pulled ahead in the 4th quarter and the MacArthur team panicked, rushing their plays and taking poor shots.  The final score was South Miami 70 MacArthur 60.

Half of the crowd went home happy.  I didn’t.  What awaited me when I went to my car in the school parking lot wasn’t much fun.  I’ll write about that in my next post.

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