Grrrrr……! – then – Yaaay!

It was around 9:30 PM when I left the MacArthur gym after the game.  The school parking lot was full which was to be expected, because the gym had been.  My car was parked somewhere in the middle of the lot and there was only one exit gate open, so I knew it would be awhile before I would be out of there.  I decided to wait in my car for the traffic out cleared a bit.

I sat in the car twiddling my thumbs for about ten minutes, then thought I might as well join the line, which was moving very slowly.  I shoved the key into the ignition — and — a barely audible groan under the hood, then silence.  Naturally, I tried it again …. and again.  Wasn’t it Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?  😳   So I stopped.

I’m thinking: Holy Bat Feces!  Here I am at almost 10 PM on a Saturday night, in the middle of a school parking lot with a dead battery – and when the lot clears out the gate will be locked until Monday morning.  I don’t even have my cell phone with me; the phone that I have only for emergencies!  Brilliant!  😥

I quickly decided on two plans of action.  Plan A was to see if there was a policeman directing traffic out of the lot, tell him my problem and hope that he would get me emergency assistance and holding the lot open until I could get moving.  Plan B was to go from car to car in the line waiting to get out and ask if one had (1) jumper cables and, if so,  (2) would they give me a jump start.  I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of Plan B.

I was happy to discover a Hollywood policeman directing traffic.  I told him my predicament and he said he would give me a jump start when he was finished.  Which he did, and I was able to drive home.  Yaaay!   😀   Of course, as soon as I cut the engine I had the same problem.  At least my car was in my driveway.  Monday I called AAA to give me a jump start so I could go to the Ford dealer’s service shop.

Incidentally, I found out why it was taking so long to get everyone out of the parking lot.  Almost everyone was turning right onto 64th Avenue leaving the parking lot; certainly everyone from South Miami.  Hollywood Boulevard, a major thoroughfare, was only about 120 yards ahead, and the entrance to the Florida Turnpike, which they’d take to head south, was about a quarter mile away on Hollywood Boulevard.  The problem was the traffic signal at Hollywood Boulevard.  The timing of the signal obviously favored the major road with a much longer green light than little 64th Avenue.  Everything came to a complete stop when the light at Hollywood Boulevard was red – and when it turned green not too many cars were able to clear the intersection.


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