Halfway Home!

Woot!  Woot!  Last week I passed the halfway point in my ‘make-a-bleeve’ walk back home from my brother’s house in Rochester, New York.  That would put me just a few miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina.  As of today I am a few miles south of Charlotte in the state of South Carolina.

Walking Progress

In total since I began my walking program I have taken over 4,375,000 steps, the equivalent of 2,155 miles (3,468 kilometers).

This video, which I believe I included in a previous post shows the imaginary path I walked during this past week, passing through Charlotte on the Interstate to South Carolina – at a much slower pace, of course, and keeping to the shoulder to avoid getting run over!   😉



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4 responses to “Halfway Home!

  1. naturgesetz

    A slight detour to the west as you approach Virginia would get you to Bristol, and then into Scott County, Va., where you could hike into Poor Valley and follow the north branch of the Holton River, past Hiltons to Maces Spring and the Carter Family Fold.

    You can rejoin the route on the map before you get to W. Va.

    If I were doing a make-believe walk, that’s how I’d do it.

    • Ed

      Sadly, in my fantasy walk I am already in South Carolina. It would require a walk of at least 130 miles just to get back to the Virginia/North Carolina border. If I decide to do a make-believe return trip I may well consider such side trips!! After all, one can become bored pseudo-looking at the same scenery over and over.

      • naturgesetz

        My mistake. I read too quickly/carelessly and thought you were headed north _to_ Rochester, not south _from_ Rochester.

  2. Ed

    Ha Ha …. I figured as much. I just couldn’t resist being silly!

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