Seen While Walking

Walking four to five miles, even at a rapid pace, can be mind-numbingly boring.  I have to vary my routes so the boredom doesn’t cause me to drop the program altogether.  Often I will hop in my car and drive to a park to do my walk, or I’ll go to some shopping center parking lot and start my walk from there.  Some times I drive to one of the local beaches and walk.  But most of the time I walk around my neighborhood, where I have seven basic routes – each one with occasional detours.

Except when I walk after dark I always have my camera with me.  Looking for interesting things to photograph, and occasionally stopping a few seconds to take a shot,  helps fight the boredom.  Many of the photos I’ve posted to this blog were taken during my walks.

Here’s a very short video I took one evening this week with my still camera.  I pass this housing development on one of my neighborhood routes.  I love the soft pastel colors that sharply distinguish otherwise almost identical houses. I think of it as the pastel row:

On another evening, on another route, I was able to capture a video of one of the city’s new double buses.  I’ve seen it several times around 6:30 PM with its ‘Out of Service’ sign probably heading back to its overnight parking spot.  Every time I see it I wonder what it is like to ride in that thing.  I’m guessing it must look just like the interior of a railroad coach car.  I was thinking the other day that it has been almost 42 years since I’d been on a bus.  I recalled having left my car at the dealer’s service shop and taking a bus into Washington where I worked.  But then I realized that wasn’t true.  A few times in recent years when visiting one of the Disney theme parks near Orlando I took free courtesy buses from my hotels to the parks and back.  Usually I drove.


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