Changes, a Blog-aversity and Two Pics

I have had quite a week!  My offer on a condominium apartment was accepted on Monday.  Yay!!!   😀   My application with the Condo Association is in process.  Come mid-May I will be moving into my new digs.

It’s a quite spacious 2 bedroom – 2 bath apartment on the 4th floor of a 4 story , 56 unit building; an end unit which gives me three more windows than the internal units.  The bedrooms are large with roomy walk-in closets.  I was especially interested in having a roomy 2nd bedroom for guests, and this unit provides it.  There is a pleasant view from the screened in balcony – also a requirement – I didn’t want to look down onto a parking lot.  The views from the other rooms didn’t concern me.

Since I now had a place to move to I decided it would be a good idea to list my house.  I picked a closing price about $15,000 above the median of recent area sales of similar properties, figuring that if I couldn’t get a nibble in the first few weeks I could always go lower.  I don’t have a mortgage payment to worry about so although I was eager to sell, I wasn’t desperate.  It was worth a try to nab a few more bucks.  But the response to the listing was absolutely shocking.  I spent better part of both Tuesday and Wednesday roaming around away from the house while it was being shown.  In those two days I got 8 offers – one from an investment company site unseen for an insultingly low number (most likely a corporate house flipper) – one offer at my asking price – and  six for more than I was asking.  I accepted the highest offer, of course, mainly because it was the highest – $20,000 over the asking price, and the proposed buyer had guaranteed financing.  Requests to view the house continued to come throughout Thursday and this morning (Friday) when a final contract enabled the listing to be removed.

I’m blown away by this.  I frankly thought I was being optimistic expecting at least a few weeks would pass before I would accept an offer – and an offer of less than what I was asking for, to boot.  Weird!   I will be closing on the purchase on May 15th, and on the sale on May 22nd.


Ta Da!  Today, April 11th, is the fourth anniversary of this blog!  When I started it I never thought it would last so long – even still ongoing, albeit with less frequent postings.  Another shock.  Hell, I wasn’t sure that even I would last that long!   Very few folk actually read it but posting has become somewhat of a habit.


Finally, two recent photos:

New Owl Family 01A new burrowing owl family, very close to the other one that is located next to a very busy highway – 5 of them!.  The two on the right are so close together that they almost appear to be only one. The photo is not too sharp and not all of them agreed to look towards the camera – camera shy I guess.

DSC00524I discovered a new nest of newly laid duck eggs beneath some shrubs in front of my house.  I assume it’s the same ducks from last year.  It has to be – the stupid parents-to-be are just as negligent in their nest sitting and guarding responsibilities.  Last year during one of their frequent absences another creature, likely an iguana, feasted on the poor little potentials!  I saw the mother duck return to her nest and discover what had happened to her eggs.  She was extremely distraught.  In my opinion she had only herself to blame.




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2 responses to “Changes, a Blog-aversity and Two Pics

  1. Dave

    Congrats on the blog ☺ I love it. Ive just been crazy busy and had to take a hiatus for a while.

  2. Ed

    Great to hear from you again. Hey, being crazy busy is far superior to being bored silly, having to dream up things to do just to stay active. I had been in that kind of a rut for some time until I decided that I had to make some changes in my life. – – Wern’t no fun!

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