Picture/Video Post – April 24, 2014

In less than a month now I will be in my new digs – still lots of preparations for the purchase and sale, and also I’ll be spending some time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – busy, busy times!

Still, I have been finding time for my walks and taking videos and photos.

Purple Flowers Beautiful purple flowers by the entrance to Brian Piccolo Park where I took my walk this evening.

Townhouses on LakeI passed by this little lake and townhouse development on the way home.

New SunflowerI believe this is a baby sunflower.

Fallen NestThis nest with two baby birds was blown out of a tree in my back yard last week.  For the three days that the babies stayed alive the parents continued to feed them and to  dive bomb any person or creature that ventured into the area.  Sadly, Nature is cruel – the babies didn’t make it – there were only a few feathers and some tiny bones next to the nest on the fourth day.


The other day a Mama duck and her many tiny charges came into my back yard headed for the lake.  But at the shoreline mama duck realized that the water level was so low (It’s near the end of the dry season) that the little ones couldn’t get into the water.  So she turned them around and headed back out of the yard.  I grabbed my camera to video their departure. But apparently some people have been feeding them and the little ones headed right towards me for their expected treats.  When they realized that they were not going to get anything, they left.

Here’s an example of the kinds of strong winds we get in the springtime – the kind that blows nests out of trees.





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