I got B-13, but it wasn’t in Bingo – and a Picture Post

Wow – I see that I haven’t posted since April 24th – almost a full month.

I was so busy with the purchase of my condo and the sale of my house, packing my stuff for the move and transporting everything to the condo, and complying with all the legal requirements attendant to buying and selling property.  But now I am in the condo and the title of my house has been passed  to the new owner.  Also, a very tidy sum from the sale now resides in my bank account. I will now have to decide what to do with it.

I plan to tell about my exhausting ordeal in a future post or posts – as soon as I am fully decompressed.

Now for what the weird title of this post is about – – The condo association has assigned me one parking spot in front of the building – all for my very own self, identified as B-13. It’s about forty yards  from my stairwell, but close to the building elevator.  There are many Guest spots, some very near my stairwell.  I only park in my assigned spot overnight.  I am in Building B of our little community, which is composed of six buildings, named A, B, C, D, E and F – very original!

There is one little problem with my parking spot.  The resident assigned spot B-12 drives a monster sized Ford Explorer.  It is only a centimeter or so shorter that me!  When I am sitting in my driver’s seat the Explorer’s door handle is exactly at the level of my nose.  The side window is above my eye level. The Explorer is also several inches longer than my car.  Thus, when I have to back out I am totally blind on my left side.  It is quite an interesting experience – and a wee bit scary.  I slowly back up about eight inches, holding my breath.  If I have not been collided with and haven’t heard a horn I proceed another eight inches – still completely unaware of any car or truck approaching from my left.  It is only after the third eight inches that I begin to become aware of the World on the left – and, holding my breath I start slowly but continuously inching further back until I can see any approaching vehicles.

Despite being very busy, I was able to take a few photos during the month.

Cruel NatureI suspected this would happen.  Back when I took the photo of the egg cluster intact I noted that the mother sat on the eggs only in the evening.  When I went ou to get my newspaper each morning a very ugly male duck was stationed in front of the shrub – and it would hiss at me.  But later in the morning both male and female duck were gone from the scene – definitely inviting disaster.  After about a week the male duck was not there in the morning – nor was the female sitting on the eggs.  I checked on the eggs and discovered that inthe absence of one or both of the potential parents some creature had a feast.

Street Scene This little scene caught my eye while on a walk.  It was actually the last time I did a walk – May 11th.  I’was much too busy to take the time for a walk.  Besides, I was getting plenty of exercise anyway.

My BuildingMy building – my condo is on the 4th floor at the far end.  My front door is right at the stairwell.  That’s my car in a Guest spot.  I guess all the other residents were off to work or shopping that day.  I have since never seen so many empty parking spots there.  The parking spot immediately to the right of the stairwell is B-3 – so you can see how far my spot is from the stairs.

Mover AdsI was amazed by this – just two days after my house was listed for sale I received these ads from moving companies in the mail.

Dont FeedA silly display in C.B. Smith Park near the water park.

Sears Door

I’m always fascinated by doors appearing in weird places.  I’m sure there’s a reason, but this one escapes me.

Owls ProtectedThe Guv-mint noticed the new burrowing owl family and signs were posted.




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2 responses to “I got B-13, but it wasn’t in Bingo – and a Picture Post

  1. CMM

    Would backing in to park–facing outward–help any?

  2. Ed

    It sure would, but the Association rule is head-in parking only – fines assessed for backing in.. Grr….

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