Trashed Posts and a Picture Post, too!

In the past month I wrote three posts, but didn’t publish them.  Instead, after reading them through I  trashed them.  They dealt with the horrors related to my move.  which I had expected.  I had moved so many times in my life, and every move was a horror-show, so I didn’t expect this move to be a picnic – and it wasn’t.  The posts were much too long and very BORING.  Plus, I was afraid they would have given the impression that I had second thoughts about the move, which was not so.  I am very glad I did it.  I wish I had done it sooner.

’nuff about that – here are a few recent photos:

Pitch on the Way2aI went to a nearby recreational park nearby Saturday a week ago hoping to take a few photos for this month’s photo competition for the village’s Camera Club which I have joined.  Each month they have a themed competition.  July’s theme is Sports.  There were several games going on with little guys.  A few were T-Ball games for the very little ones.  This was a game with slightly older kids in which the coaches do the pitching.  Here I caught the ball en route.  The batter has his eyes right on the ball.  Check out his feet – he’s starting to step into his swing.  Notice also the catcher – his form is just like a big league catcher.  I am very pleased with the sharpness of this shot – click to enlarge it to see how even the ball is sharp.

Are You OK SonThis is from a T-Ball game.  The little fellow was thrown out at third base to end the inning. He had landed hard on his left shoulder going into the bag.  He got up, then went down like a professional soccer player and appeared dead.  If you enlarge the photo you will see that the coach very foolishly was lifting him up with one hand grasping him by his hurt shoulder while the child is holding it, obviously in pain.  The kid could have been hurt badly; he even could have broken his collar bone.  However, the injury was not serious.  Only moments later the little guy was trotting out onto the field to play his position.

Panorama-Century Village Pool This is a panorama of the community’s Olympic size outdoor pool.  There is also a large indoor pool, and many smaller outdoor pools scattered about the village.  This photo is huge.  If you click on it twice you will see the actual size, and can scroll around to see the details.  Photoshop does a fantastic job piecing together, in this case,five separate photos – and as much as I enlarge it I can’t see any of the merge points.

Our PoolThis is the pool behind my building.  I’ve only been in it twice because we are having thunder storms every day with heavy rain and lots of lightning.

No Game TodayHee hee….  I guess there will be no basketball played at this court for a while!  I can imagine some jerk attempting a slam dunk bringing down the whole backboard.




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