Picture Post – July 23, 2014

The Camera Club I joined in the Village met this morning.  The agenda included instruction on close-up tabletop photography and an opportunity to take some photos for critique at our meeting next week.  Members brought in various “stuff” and spread it out on several large tables for practice shooting.  Here of a few of my ‘masterpieces’!!!  🙂

Tabletop 01I’m not sure exactly what this is – – a ball with colorful hair, I suppose.

Tabletop 04I recognize the Croton leaves but don’t know what the other things are.  Looks like two halves of an onion drying and turning brown in the open air.

Tabletop 07Ear of corn, a green veggie (mostly hidden – probably a pepper), and that hairy ball thingie.

Tabletop 08Some of the items in the previous photos separated.

Tabletop 09Artificial flowers in a vase.

Tabletop 10An unusual watch worn by a female club member.  I asked her to remove it so I could photograph it.


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