Picture Post – August 14, 2014

Man!  Tempus is certainly fuget-ing!  I was thinking yesterday that it must have been a week since my last post and was shocked when I checked and discovered it has been three weeks.  I’ve been so busy since moving that the days seem to be flying by.  However busy, I have still found time to take photos.

I went to Butterfly World last week to take some photos for Camera Club competition.  It was brutal!  The temperature was in the mid 90’s (about 35º C) and the humidity so high that it felt like if you grabbed a fistful of air and squeezed, hot water would ooze out between your fingers.  I didn’t stick around very long – sweating profusely.

Bird 01This was a tiny plump little bird in a steamy aviary – couldn’t be more than three inches long.

Bird 02A slightly larger one.

Birds 01Two of a whole bunch residing in their own air conditioned room – Yay!

Butterfly 04Lots of butterflies there also.  I guess that’s where the name “Butterfly World” comes from!  The main butterfly garden was like a steam bath!

Butterfly 10Another butterfly.

Butterfly 11And another.

Butterfly 07Another.

Flowers 03Many exotic flowers in the garden.

Flower 03Very odd looking blossom.

Flower 02Another strange one.

Flowers 02I see this variety often in peoples’ yards.


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