A Camera Club Trip – Picture Post

Last week a few of us in the Camera Club visited the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood to view a photography exhibit and to take photos of the works of a noted artist who works with Lego bricks.

The photographer, H. Allen Benowitz, has had photos featured in National Geographic Magazine.  His exhibit, entitled “Peoples of the World”, was impressive, but I was more impressed with the Lego art.  🙂

The artist, Nathan Sawaya, was a lawyer who spent all his leisure time creating artistic sculptures with Lego bricks, eventually leaving his profession to become a full-time artist.  His works have been displayed on major network and cable programs, and exhibited throughout the world.  Here are a few photos I took of just a few of the Lego works.

Arts Ctr 33


Arts Ctr 16


Arts Ctr 15


Arts Ctr 27

Arts Ctr 14


Arts Ctr 01


Arts Ctr 21


Arts Ctr 24


Arts Ctr 31


Arts Ctr 29

This is Mr. Sawaya’s sculpture of himself.  It is a remarkable likeness.


Arts Ctr 05


Arts Ctr 06


Arts Ctr 38

I love to take candid shots of people.  People are much more interesting to me than objects.  I don’t like posed photos.

Arts Ctr 30




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