A Most Peculiar Building Under Construction

On the way home after closing on the sale of my house I passed a construction site in which one of the weirdest looking buildings I have ever seen was being built.  I really wanted to take some photos of the building but there wasn’t anyplace to stop.  Disappointed, I continued on my way and proceeded to forget all about it.

That was in late May.  Then, one day this month (August) I was looking out one of my breakfast nook windows towards the West and noticed what I realized was the very top of that building peeking out above some trees in the distance.

DSCN4798You can just make out the upper floors in this photo which I took using my camera’s maximum zoom.

I decided I was going to get some pictures of the building, even though the only way I could do it was while driving by.  I would have to first pass it heading South; turn around at the first intersection; then while going North take photos through the window on my side without being able to look, hoping the photos would be usable – after all it would be more important to keep my eyes on the road ahead if I were going at about 50 MPH.  Getting good photos was not worth having an accident.

So that’s what I did – and I was very pleased with the photos I got.

FBI Bldg - Miramar02First – just as I was approaching the site.


FBI Bldg - Miramar01

Second, as I was passing.

While I was passing the site heading South I notices a sign indicating the the building was being constructed under contract with the Federal Government’s General Services Administration.  That really piqued my interest.  I wondered what agency or agencies would be moving into this strange building..

Back home I Googled ‘New Government building in Miramar, Florida’.  Miramar is the city immediately South of Pembroke Pines.  In fact, the main road in front of my building is the border between the two cities.  I didn’t really think there was much chance I would get anything useful in that search – but I was surprised to find a site describing the building – – it is going to be area headquarters for the FBI!   I downloaded this artist’s rendering from the site.

Miramar FBI Bldg 01

The FBI?  Really?!  I can’t imagine a workforce more conservative than the FBI.   And yet  I’m sure the FBI approved the design.  Very odd!


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2 responses to “A Most Peculiar Building Under Construction

  1. Dave

    Even more odd would be that it is mostly glass.. At least that’s what it looks like. I would think they’d like more privacy

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