Picture Post – Sept. 6, 2014

I’ve been busy with my camera – a lot more practice on macro photography and other stuff.

BusA city bus at our clubhouse.  This one was unusual – I suppose it is good advertising, but it gives me the creeps!  I was going to write that I haven’t been on a bus for over 40 years, but then realized that I have taken courtesy buses from motels to and from Disney theme parks in Orlando several times in recent years.  But it is true that I haven’t riden a municipal bus since the early 1970’s.  I’ve never been on one that has advertising on the windows where you can’t see in from outside but passengers can see out.

TomatoesSome yummy tomatoes I personally picked at the Publix supermarket produce section.  🙂

Macro 03aMacro practice – two tiny bear pins and a dime.

Macro 02Another silly macro, just for practice.

Butterfly 01A close-up of a butterfly.  This one is sorta blah.  The colorful ones would not pose for me.

Approaching StormA nasty approaching storm seen from my breakfast nook – ruined my plans for a walk.  Incidentally, in my make-believe walk back home from my brother’s house I have just crossed the South Carolina border into Georgia, 952 miles (1,532 kilometers)  from Rochester.  The total distance covered since I began the walking program is 2,382 miles (3,833 kilometers).

CheerleadersCheerleaders at a high school football game I attended last week.

Prayer Did Not HelpThe home team got together before the game for a little prayer session.  It didn’t work – they lost 63 -6!

Flower 03Close up of a flower bud just starting to open.

Flower 17A macro taken of an exotic tropical blossom.


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  1. Dave

    It appears that no panel of judges have been assigned to approve what goes on the side of the bus. If you have the money its yours. That sure is creepy-nasty….

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