The Excuse – Busy, Busy, Busy – plus Videos

My life has changed dramatically since I moved to my Condo.  I am very, very busy and it has been hard to find time to post.  That’s my excuse for being absent for over a month.

Shortly after moving in in late May I joined the village Camera Club, and being involved with the activities of the club and socializing with the members have kept me quite busy since.  In just a few months I have met, worked with and socialized with more people than I had  in the almost quarter century I had lived in my former house.  For years I had been somewhat of a recluse and now I am becoming a social animal again – and I am liking it!

Early on I became a member of the club’s program committee which sets the agendas for the weekly meetings, including themed competitions and presentations on photographic techniques and using digital camera features.  We also scout out and organize field trips to nearby attractions for members to take  photographs .

And Ta Da! I have recently been elected to the position of club Treasurer.  That is fun, but it is time consuming.  I’d like to claim I have been given this honor (?) in recognition of my outstanding accounting and management experience.  Truth be told, though, the outgoing Treasurer felt she could no longer handle the job and they couldn’t find another sucker to do it!   😉  Thus, nominated, and unopposed, I was elected unanimously!!!

I have found time, though, to attend four Friday night high school football games, taking some photos and making videos of some game play and marching band shows.  Unfortunately, every game I’ve attended so far has been a total mismatch.  The closest game score was 27 -6.  The other three game scores were 63 – 6,  69 – 0, and 42 – 2.  In the latter three games it was the home schools’ teams that endured the shellacking!  At least their marching bands performed well.

I made this video of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School’s marching band playing in the stands during the first quarter when there was no score and the visiting team had not yet begun to score at will.  The video is a bit shaky, especially at the beginning.  I saved it because I was surprised and pleased that these high school youngsters played a 1940’s swing tune – “Sing, Sing, Sing” – and appeared to be enjoying it.   I can’t say that  music from the big band era is a big favorite of mine,  but it does bring back memories and it is nice to see that  these kids are being exposed to music other than military marches and rock tunes.

At another game, as I was leaving my car in the parking lot I noticed a huge black cloud directly above the stadium, and decided it might be a good idea to take my umbrella from the back seat.  It was a wise decision.  I had no sooner gotten to my spot in the stands when the deluge began.  It was a half hour before the game was scheduled to start so there weren’t many people there – but those few hurriedly rushed  to cover  below the stands, leaving just me and two or three other umbrella wielders still seated.  Although the rain was very heavy it was falling straight down so I remained completely dry, feeling quite smug and pleased with myself for my foresight.

Soon, however, I discovered that there was one important thing that I had failed to consider.  The metal benches were grooved, and while I was feeling nice and dry under the umbrella’s protection, my bottom was soon soaked – like I was sitting in a puddle!  The rain lasted only about ten minutes – my soaked bottom lasted for the remainder of the game – rather uncomfortable, I must say!

Only a few people had returned to the stands when the marching band marched into the stadium in their fancy uniforms and soon suffered the same fate as I had.  Their uniform slacks were black, however, so when they performed their on field halftime show their wet rear ends were not noticeable.

I don’t know why, but Hollywood Hills High School, the ‘home’ school for this game plays all its ‘home’ games at other neutral school stadiums even though they have an on campus stadium.  So, their band always has to warm up in the stands rather than it its band room as other schools’ bands are able to do before their home games.  This is a short video of the band starting their warm ups up in the stands right after getting their bottoms soaked.  You can see how wet the benches are.



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