In Which I Rail on my $#^*# Unipod – And Videos, Too

I was so excited and happy when I bought my unipod so I could make videos safely with my camcorder attached to my windshield.  Previously, I had been steering with one hand and holding the camcorder in the other – neither a wise nor a safe thing to do, especially while driving at 80 mph (approx. 130 kph).  I made this post including a photo of it when I bought it.

I have to admit that it had performed quite well for a long time – but during the past half-year or so it has been misbehaving – sorely testing my normally mild nature!  It seems that it no longer wants to stay in a fixed position aimed forward.  Instead it insists on gradually leaning forward and down, resulting in a gradual but increasing view of my car’s hood (bonnet).  Grrrr….  No matter how tightly I adjust it the adjustment doesn’t last.  Maybe the set screw has worn down.  And most of the time I am unaware of how badly it has drooped until it becomes obvious that it is aiming down. So, my videos have really suffered.

I guess it is time to consider replacement.

These two videos show how bad the problem has become.  In the first, taken shortly after I had arrived on the island of Key West, heading towards my motel, I didn’t notice that the camcorder had leaned so far until I was stopped for a red light just before making a turn towards the motel.  As much as 15% of the screen view was taken up by the car’s hood.

Here is a pretty poor video taken on Key West’s famous old town main shopping street – Duval Street.  The unipod was definitely misbehaving throughout. Two things of interest in the video are: First – the strange license number of the Chevy truck from Canada that I followed early on.  I can’t imagine why anyone would pay extra to have it. – and Second – near the end of the video I was following three bicyclists, two of which in blue polo shirts being police.  In front of them was another truck.  We stopped for a red light and the police rode around the front of the truck, making a right turn.  Immediately, upon them passing, the truck proceeded to cross the intersection while the light was still red.

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