Picture Post – January 21, 2015

Sunday I went into downtown Miami to take some photos – 175, to be exact.  Here are a few.  Left click on the photos to see large size. A double click makes them huge:

Miami 15-040

I captured this kid on his skateboard in a little skatepark near the Government Center.

Miami 15-005A face-painter clown in the Bayfront shopping area.  The clown also makes balloon figures for sale.

Miami 15-015pBoats moored by the Bayfront shopping area.  The elevated road in the background leads to the Port of Miami – a large man-made island jutting out into Biscayne Bay. A huge cruise ship can be seen behind the road.

Miami 15-022pA sailboat on the bay.

Miami 15-042A homeless man near the skate park.  It is so sad to see such people in such a state in the midst of such affluence.  This poor man looks like he hasn’t bathed or changed clothes in weeks.  It also appears from the state of his trousers that he may occasionally not bother to use public rest rooms!

Miami 15-044hdrI wonder sometimes how such things get passed off as art.  Well, it is interesting to look at.

The week before I went with a group from the Camera Club to Vizcaya, an estate turned into a museum near downtown Miami where I also took many photos.  While in the estate’s formal English Garden I noticed this statue of a man who appeared to be admiring the fancy fountain, and thought the view with the statue in the foreground made for an interesting scene.


When I edited the photo on my PC I got the thought that the photo would also look good in black and white.  This is the result:


Here’s another view from the formal gardens:


This is a rear view of the mansion, which is situated by Biscayne Bay.


Looking out onto the Bay:


Another view:




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2 responses to “Picture Post – January 21, 2015

  1. Looking at your latest post I came to this one. A lot of nice pictures. I especially like the last two. And even better for them having been posted on my birthday (the big seven-two) — a fine gift which I just got around to unwrapping.

    • Ed

      A happy belated birthday to you, young fellow! This past December I accumulated a total number of years to match the number of trombones that led the Big Parade. Oh, to be seventy- two again!

      I was tempted to make a comment on your recent post on your snowy winter – was going to co-miser-ate – telling of our two nights when the mercury dipped into the low 40’s – but decided that would be too evil!

      I grew up in Rochester, NY and annually suffered through winters of 100 plus inches of snow and bitter cold. I don’t miss it a bit. So I can understand how it has been for you this year. I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting Spring!

      Thanks for the comment. It is great to find out that someone likes some of my photos.

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