A Few Videos

I took my annual trip to Myrtle Beach in May, arriving on Saturday, May 9th just as Tropical Storm Ana was passing by out to sea heading for a landfall a little further north near Wilmington, North Carolina.  It was one nasty day – very windy, and rainy, very chilly for May.  Needless to say, we spent the first day inside.  I took this video from our balcony with my smart phone.

The weather quickly warmed up midday on Sunday and the rest of the week it was delightful.  Every morning we took long walks on the beach – two miles north to a fishing pier and back every other day and on alternate days to and beyond another fishing pier to the south about 1.2 miles away.  We were fortunate that the tide was out each morning.  At high tide the very wide beach completely disappeared. Strolling on the beach was impossible as is demonstrated in this video.

On Monday the 11th of May I drove to St. Petersburg with my nephew to attend the opening baseball game of the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Park.  While we and over 30,000 others were patiently awaiting the gates to open the team mascot, cheerleaders and break dancers performed accompanied by music played so loud that I was seriously concerned about damage to my hearing.  The break dancers were very entertaining.  I wanted to capture them on video but there were too many people in front of me.  Later when we got inside, though, I was able to make this short video of  some of them performing for people entering the stadium.


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