Story Behind the Header Photo

The photo up top is one of my favorites – mainly because it took a lot of courage from yours truly to capture.  🙂

I spent Christmas day of 2009 at the condo of my nephew’s son’s in-laws, located in a high rise on the Julia Tuttle Causeway which crosses Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach to downtown Miami.  The condo, as I recall, on the 11th floor, has a tiny balcony which faces northeast towards the upper portion of Miami Beach – a beautiful view.  But I’m not fond of heights and this particular balcony made me especially squeamish.  The barrier came barely above my waist – that, plus the balcony floor was only a thin slab of concrete sticking out from the building with nothing beneath it.  I admit it – I’m a weanie!  I really wanted nothing to do with that balcony.

But the view was so fantastic I had to take some photos.  So I gathered up some spine and ventured out onto the balcony.  Staying a ways back from the barrier I took several single shots as well as three overlapping photos spanning about 140 degrees which I intended to merge into a panorama using Photoshop.  Here is the result:

Panorama-Miami Beach

You have to click on it to see it enlarged to fully appreciate the view.  A double-click blows it up even larger allowing closeup detail via scrolling.

When I turned around to reenter the condo, however, I noticed that to the left a narrow slice of downtown Miami could be seen between the building you can see on the left in the above panorama and our building.  Cowardliness be damned, I had to capture that view!  I went over to the end of the balcony and leaned way over the front barrier, stretching my arms out as far as I could, camera in hand, in order to grab as much of the Miami skyline as possible – all the while in my mind I was visualizing myself leaning over so far that I would topple over the edge and drop eleven floors.  But – Ta Da!  I survived, and here is the original uncropped version of the one shot that my nerves permitted me to take:

Miami Downtown Original


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  1. victoria anderson-throop

    Dazzling photos! The real estate agents for the condo should hire you to make their marketing brochures!

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