An Amazing Statistic

     Several days ago I read an article in the Miami Herald about the number of people in Miami-Dade County whose drivers licenses had been suspended.  That number was mind-boggling.

     I got to wondering after I read the article what I might have guessed the number to be if I’d been asked before.  First, I know there are a lot of people living in the county – close to 2.8 million, and according to the article there are about 1.8 million licensed drivers.   Second, I know there are several reasons licenses get suspended: serious and/or multiple traffic offenses; failure to show up in court when cases are tried; and failure to pay related fines or fees come to mind.  I would have guessed that the vast majority of people either don’t get cited for traffic violations, or if they do will either pay their fines or obtain legal help to fight their cases.  So I would have thought that at the very worst maybe two to three percent of people would end up having their licenses suspended.  That would have led me to an estimate of from 36,000 to 54,000, and I would probably think that I was a bit too high.

     The actual number is approximately 550,000!  That’s 29 percent of Miami-Dade County drivers!  Yikes!



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3 responses to “An Amazing Statistic

  1. CMM

    An even more amazing statistic is that you have not posted anything since September, yet I still check your posts! Hope you are doing well.

    • Ed

      Thanks for your comment – sorry I’ve taken so long to acknowledge. I am doing quite well both physically and mentally. Tthanks for your concern.

      Many times since September I have INTENDED to post, even had the subject in mind, but since I moved to my new digs I have become very involved in our Camera Club and have even become a ‘social animal’. So, when I do have free time in the evening I have a tendency to veg out instead – catch up on my reading and even watching the tube.

      I do want to continue with the Blog, so hopefully I will soon find the inspiration. Incidentally, I have found your Blog – looks like it a good read. I will be following it.

  2. victoria anderson-throop

    Your comment on this statistic draws attention to the fact that few readers actually take the time and/or effort to actually digest the information presented to them. I wonder what the statistic is for how many people actually think about what they have read. How many other people that saw the same article actually bothered to assess that nearly one in three cars don’t legally belong on the road?.

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