Awesome Autos!

Last week our Camera Club took a field trip to the Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, located in Ft. Lauderdale (of course!).  😀   The theme of our February competition is Car Details, so the trip was a timely one.

The museum is a reproduction of a Packard showroom from the 1920’s with antique Packards going back over a hundred years, all in awesome condition, and all in full working order.  In its day the Packard was the Rolls Royce of American automobiles.

The 28,000 square foot building not only contains those fabulous vehicles but it also is stocked with thousands of pieces of memorabilia – old dashboard clocks, hood ornaments, carburetors, period side lamps, custom gear shift knobs, etc., etc. from all makes of cars.

I spent a lot of time taking close up photos of of all kinds of car details and will have a difficult time selecting the two that I will enter into competition.  But I couldn’t resist also taking shots of the autos themselves.  Here are a few – just a small sample – the word ‘awesome’ is hardly adequate to describe them.




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3 responses to “Awesome Autos!

  1. victoria anderson-throop

    What a delight to discover your blog! I feel like I am wandering along beside you as you snap your photos. I am in Alaska, retired, and have also been a gypsy. Nice to meet you!

    • Ed

      Nice to meet you also! Thanks for your wonderful comments (Wow! 4 already!). It has been so long since I last posted that I almost forgot I still had a Blog! Your comments have motivated me to add a new post! Hopefully, I can get back to posting more regularly.

  2. victoria anderson-throop

    Marvelous color! The opulent design and lavish use of fine materials make our modern age seem insignificantly pale. Textile choice pays attention to detail and invites human interaction. Hands long to touch the glossy bluebird and canary paint. (It isn’t an accident that the autos are decked out in the colors of exotic songbirds!).

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