Still Kickin’

Yup!  I’m still here – and my days are still a’dwindling down!

Truth be told, the word ‘dwindling’ hardly describes how I perceive time passing.  It implies only a gradual progression.  ‘Hurdling’ would appear to be more appropriate.  It is scary!

And yet, I still feel so very young – both physically and mentally.  I’ve yet to feel  my first old man’s ache or pain.  And I am still quite capable of running around and jumping up and down!.  Here I am two months ago at 77 1/2 shooting hoops – not too bad for an old coot!  My vertical jump must be at least 3 inches!!  🙂


But, alas – I am well aware that, however much I am in denial, decline is inevitable!  😦

I feel badly that I haven’t posted in so long.  My intentions were to get back to regular posting.  I even paid the $80 required to maintain the bandwidth used for uploaded media and for the Blog itself.  But -been busy-busy-busy.  Still am, but will make an effort to resurrect this Blog.

The last two posts contained photos of vintage Packard autos taken at the car museum in Ft. Lauderdale.  The purpose of the trip, however, was to photograph car parts for our Camera Club’s themed competition.

Here are some that I took. There are many more uploaded to my Flickr site  here.












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2 responses to “Still Kickin’

  1. Dave

    Glad your still doing good. I have to catch up on reading. I’ve been too busy to fit all the reading in that I would like to 😉

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