Picture Post – August 26

I recently purchased a new camera – a 24.3 megapixel Sony @6000, which is a new-fangled mirror-less equivalent to a DSLR – but much lighter because its sensor performs what DSLRs do with mirrors and prisms.  Like a DSLR it can use different lenses.

Recently, I took my new ‘toy’ to a Miami Marlins baseball game to take some stop action photos.  In continuous mode it can take 19 photos a second.  With a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second in continuous mode I was able to freeze action.

In olden times (when I was a young’n) one attended a sporting event to watch the game.  Nowadays, sports fans must be entertained every moment – there can be no idle time except for within the game itself.

In between every half inning weird and crazy stuff goes on.  There are mascot races, fan contests, ‘Kiss Cams’, tee shirt launches, dancers atop the dugouts, cheerleaders etc. etc.

Between several innings a group of very athletic youngsters come out onto the field and do a tumbling, dancing and cheer leading routine.  I captured this little part of the act.








I did use the word ‘weird’, didn’t I?  They’re supposed to be sea creatures racing.  I believe I can recognize the octopus and the shark.  As for the other two, who knows? Incidentally, that is a bar behind the outfield fence – which actually has a swimming pool!



Batter fouled the ball straight down and it bounced up and hit him in the chest

Reds Hit 02

Reds Hit 01



Visiting team batting practice pitcher






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