Video – Marching Band

It has been quite some time since I have bored ya with a marching band video – heehee – well no good thing lasts forever!!

I attended a high school football game last Friday in Cooper City, a small city (pop. 35,000) immediately north of Pembroke Pines.  As in most games I attend, I made a video of the halftime show as well as several plays, and also take still photos.

The marching band was making its first home game performance of the season, so they were not quite as sharp as they will be later in the season.

This band is one of the better ones in South Florida.  In fact they have been invited to march in the News Years Parade in London, England on New Years Day 1918 – quite an honor!

Here is a YouTube video produced by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper covering the visit of Lord Robert Davis, Deputy Mayor of the City of Westminster, of Greater London, who made the formal invitation.




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